Elevate Character Program


Elevate Character Program

This new program will push kids to have a desire to improve their character on their own. It directly relates to our Behavior Modification program. Students will receive points on dojo that will place them on different character levels. The different levels are Ram Finder, Summit Reacher, Mountain Climber, and Hiker. Once a students achieves one of the levels they will earn RAMS Bucks. Ram Finders will receive 100 RAMS Bucks, Summit Reachers will receive 50 RAMS Bucks, Mountain Climbers will receive 25 RAMS Bucks, and Hikers will receive 10 RAMS Bucks. Once you are a Ram Finder you will receive 10 RAMS Bucks for every 100 points you earn. This is an increase of 3 RAMS Bucks per 100 points once you’ve reached Ram Finder status. 

Points will be given for:

  • Being at school on time 2 points
  • Meeting daily goals 3 points (an extra point if they do an extra goal in any one subject.)
  • Did not receive a CAN that day 1 point
  • Did homework from the previous day 1 point

The point breakdown is:

  • Ram Finder 700
  • Summit Reacher 560
  • Mountain Climber 480
  • Hiker 360